Lion Universe Technology, Inc. is a multi-cultural management company located in the United States that’s introducing Lion Universe. Lion Universe will revolutionize the way consumers use their communications products.


To properly introduce Lion Universe is to step inside the minds of the individuals who had the unique vision to bring premium quality product, which allows you to be the master of your communication device and not the other way around.
The Lion Universe team consists of highly skilled, highly motivated people, and highly determined people. The end result LION.
With the fore thought of others in mind Lion Universe is able to produce consumer driven products and service while creating rewarding independent business opportunities.



Lion Universe’s consumer’s purpose is to change the way people communicate by providing premium quality products and service. Affordable without compromising quality was our goal.
Lion Universe’s business opportunity purpose is to provide independent distributors with a premium quality product that will afford them the opportunity to make a life style consistent with their personal goals.


From every product sold a portion of the sales will go to a non-profit that supports our principals.


Lion Universe’s vision is to have our company name in the top ten of the tech community.
After that Network Marketing. We will offer lucrative commissions to our dedicated sales force.
Our network marketing plan will take you from living paycheck to paycheck to owning a successful business.
Our Vision will be the standard in which others will measure their success long after the founders are gone.


By capitalizing on the power of the internet Lion has put together a complete strategy of aggressive marketing.
Our individual distributors will be able to have all the tools and education with a minimal financial investment.
Training and support will be provided to all our distributors.